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The Content, the Mobility, and the Security

A paradigm shift is taking place in computing and the workplace. This paradigm shift is the new “wild west” of bring your own device (BYOD) to work. At times it is reminiscent of classic scenes from a western movie showdown, like those from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” featuring content, mobility and security. The pace of business mandates that users have the ability to work wherever and whenever the assignment necessitates. Your users and customers want to engage as desired; they do not want to wait for access to information. They want access from outside the corporate infrastructure on their own device at the time and place of their choosing. They rationalize that they can safely perform essential personal transactions such as shopping and banking on mobile devices, but often they cannot access work-related content in a similar manner. Many organizations and industries are still behind the times in the mobile corporate takeover. Their business processes, enterprise content management systems (ECM) and content security procedures are inadequate for the current state of affairs in the information age.

Making Knowledge Management Practical

Information is power, but the interpretation of information is more powerful. Well, if you are going to attempt to interpret information to create knowledge, you better be able to find the right information.

Organizations require and need a way to classify, or “tag,” content for the primary purpose of locating it throughout its lifecycle. They often implement “controlled taxonomies” which are fraught with limitations for users and require plenty of administration. Establishing and using taxonomies for the purpose of indexing content is a social activity and organizational constipation occurs when you try to formalize a social activity.

Darin Stewart, author of Building Enterprise Taxonomies, writes in his blog, “In my experience, using the ‘T’word in conversation invokes one of two responses. Either people immediately fall asleep or they run screaming from the room. There is very little middle ground. ‘Taxonomy’invokes bad memories of advanced placement biology courses and trying to remember if ‘species’ comes before ‘genus’ or vice versa.

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